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Preview: The All-New Ultimates #5

-It’s a battle royale when the new Teenage Ultimates face off against the most dangerous supergangs on the street! -Will the bloodthirsty vigilante, Scourge, take everyone in a costume down, be it street punk or good guy? -Will The Ultimates survive a second wave of violence when the deadly Crossbones joins the fray? STORY BY: … Continue reading

Preview: Batman and Robin #33

“Robin Rises” -Picking up right where this month’s Robin Rises #1 left off, it’s Batman vs. the Justice League as the Dark Knight decides to follow the Chaos Shard back to Apokolips! STORY BY: Peter J. Tomasi ART BY: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray COLORS BY: John Kalisz LETTERS BY: Carlos M. Mangual COVER BY: Patrick … Continue reading

Preview: 100th Anniversary Spider-Man #1

-In the future 2061 The Kingpin has taken control of his ultra-powerful techno-symbiote suit. -Now that one of the most powerful weapons is in the hands of one of Spider-Man’s most powerful enemies, Spider-Man will have to prove once again why he’s the greatest superhero in the world! STORY BY: Sean Ryan ART BY: In-Hyuk … Continue reading

Preview: Scooby-Doo Team Ups #5

-Themyscira home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons is under attack by mythological monsters that vanish into thin air! Scooby and the gang team up with Wonder Woman to solve this mystery assuming Daphne and Velma complete their Amazon training in time! STORY BY: Sholly Fisch ART BY: Dario Brizuela COLORS BY: Franco Riesco LETTERS … Continue reading

Preview: Original Sin #4

-One hero goes rogue. Another loses his head. -Dr. Strange and the Punisher team up for a daring raid. -And all trails now lead to one suspect. -But he… how is that even possible? STORY BY: Jason Aaron ART BY: Mike Deodato COLORS BY: Frank Martin LETTERS BY: Chris Eliopoulos COVER BY: Julian Totino Tedesco, … Continue reading

Preview: Harley Quinn #7

-Harley and Poison Ivy team-up and go up against assassins! STORY BY: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti ART BY: Chad Hardin COLORS BY: Alex Sinclair, Paul Mounts LETTERS BY: John J. Hill COVER BY: Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts, Ant Lucia PUBLISHER: DC Comics COVER PRICE: $2.99 RELEASE DATE: Wed, June 18th, 2014

Preview: Red Sonja #10

-To save the lives of hundreds of people she’s never even met, the She Devil is forced to face the world’s deadliest swordsman, the only man whose skill with a blade threatens to dwarf Red Sonja’s own! STORY BY: Gail Simone ART BY: Walter Geovani COVER BY: Jenny Frison, Allison Sohn PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment COVER … Continue reading

Preview: Iron Man #28

-Rings of the Mandarin comes to a startling conclusion! -The Mandarin’s rampage reaches its climax! STORY BY: Kieron Gillen ART BY: Joe Bennett, Cliff Richards, Derlis Santacruz, Scott Hanna , Rick Magyar COLORS BY: Guru-eFX LETTERS BY: Joe Caramagna COVER BY: In-Hyuk Lee PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics COVER PRICE: $3.99 RELEASE DATE: Wed, June 18th, 2014

Preview: Avengers World #8

-The City of the Dead prepares to rise. -Only Nightmask and a group of lost heroes can save us. STORY BY: Nick Spencer ART BY: Marco Checchetto COLORS BY: Andres Mossa LETTERS BY: Joe Caramagna COVER BY: Gabriele Dell’otto PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics COVER PRICE: $3.99 RELEASE DATE: Wed, June 18th, 2014  

Preview: Daredevil #4

-The Owl is back and he’s not alone! -Witness the redefinition one of Daredevils’s oldest foes -Also what happened to Foggy Nelson? STORY BY: Mark Waid ART BY: Chris Samnee COLORS BY: Javier Rodriguez LETTERS BY: Joe Caramagna COVER BY: Chris Samnee, Javier Rodriguez, Jerome Opena PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics COVER PRICE: $3.99 RELEASE DATE: Wed, June … Continue reading