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BLOG: My Top 5 Pokemon Games

  Note: This list only contains the main handheld RPG games! 5) Pokémon Diamond/Pearl: Diamond and Pearl were the first Pokémon game to come out for the Nintendo DS, so the graphics for this game were great. These games were also the first games to introduce Pal Park, which was a way to transfer your … Continue reading

Blog: Favorite Lex Luthors!

With the recent announcement of Jesse Eisenberg being casted as Lex Luthor in the recently titled Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’ve created a VERY short list of my favorite Luthor incarnations over the years manly being live action and animated versions. Starting with…

Blog: Top 5 Villains I Want To See The New Flash Series!

On May 8th the CW officially green lighted the Flash series, It’s been a while since CW released the extended trailer for the pilot. In the trailer we see Flash (Grant Gustin) facing off with a on of his classic foes Weather Wizard and we also see what is obviously the Reverse-Flash now this made … Continue reading

Top 5 Black Heroes I’d like to see in a DC movie

Top 5 Superheroes Who Should Join The Justice League

From what we know of the Justice League movie, the team will consist of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash. Over the years in the comics, many superheroes have been added to the JLA roster, but who will join them in the sun in the future Justice League movie?

Blog: Top 14 Movies I’m Looking Forward To In 2014!

With 2014 just around the corner literally 2 days away, I made a list of the top 10 movies I’m looking forward to next year! Starting with number 14.

Blog: Top 6 Reasons Why I Like Beware the Batman

Here’s a list of my top 6 reasons WHY I like the new Beware the Batman series! I know a lot of people don’t like and granted I was one of them! But here are the things that changed my mind.

Blog: Fall Premiers To Look Out For!

It’s getting to be that time of year again when the leaves change color and the weather get a little cooler also the new fall television premiers! I’m really excited so here’s a list of the shows that I’m most excited for and yes they are comic related!

Blog: Top 10 Skottie Young Variants PART 2!

Hey everyone so I was reviewing the top articles on The Dynamic Buzz and found that in the top 3 was the Blog on my top 10 favorite Skottie Young variant covers. (Click Here to view the original post)  So I decided to make a “Top 10 Skottie Young Covers” PART 2! I won’t use … Continue reading

Top 10 Highlights From SDCC 2013!

Top 10 Highlights From San Diego Comic Con 2013! This Top 10 goes with our Dynamic Buzz episode where Anthony and Zane breakdown SDCC 13  10. X-Force Movie! 9. DC New 52 Animated Movies!  The first movie to start off the New 52 animated universe will be Justice League: War based off of Justice League: … Continue reading