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Not Yo Daddy’s Superhero: Hellboy

Greetings all, and welcome to the first entry in This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Superhero! In this ongoing column, we will take a look at some great comic book characters that may have not gotten the limelight thanks to those heroes in colorful tights. We have a huge backlog of great characters to work through and … Continue reading

Blog: My Likes and Dislike From The Man of Steel…[CONTAINS SPOILERS]

I attended the midnight premiere of the Superman reboot Man Steel directed by Zack Snyder. The Man of Steel movie brings Superman into the modern world… though risking the destruction of the values that lie at the character’s core. Instead of simply restating the plot or just bashing the movie like so many other sites … Continue reading

Blog: The Mandarin (by Guest Blogger Zane Reichert)

  All right, shell-heads, the new Iron Man movie is coming up soon, and boy, this one’ll be a doozy! By wracking my beer-deprived robotic brain I’ve gathered that we are looking at an adaptation of three integral Iron Man stories: The Extremis, Tony’s clingy Sentient Armor, and introducing our new villain, the Mandarin! Now, … Continue reading