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Blog: Favorite Lex Luthors!

With the recent announcement of Jesse Eisenberg being casted as Lex Luthor in the recently titled Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’ve created a VERY short list of my favorite Luthor incarnations over the years manly being live action and animated versions. Starting with…

3. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey--Superman Returns

Kevin Spacey–Superman Returns

Kevin Spacey in the 2006 Superman Returns movie. Now while this movie wasn’t praised for being the greatest Superman movie or movie in general, Spacey portrayed an interesting, bitter, and more comedic Lex. During the movie’s “big fight scene” that was a joke this movie unlike the Man of Steel movie Superman Returns didn’t have a big fight scene but it did have a weakened Superman due to the effects of Kryptonite getting kicked and beaten by Lex Luthor and his Thugs. This was a Lex that spent years being defeated and out shined by Superman taking his vengeance by finally feeling superior to the GREAT Superman.

2. Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown--Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, Lego Batman

Clancy Brown–Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, Lego Batman

Just like how Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are best known for their roles as Batman and Joker from the animated series Clancy Brown voiced Lex Luthor in the Superman animated series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, The Batman and Lego batman the movie – dc superheroes unite. So it’s easy to say that he is in a way the people’s Lex Luthor. Brown has a deep controlled voice that doesn’t scream “scary” but is intimidating, control and plotting… maybe its just because he’s been the voice of Lex Luthor since I was a kid but Clancy Brown portrayed hands down one of my favorite Lex Luthors.

1. Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum --Smallville

Michael Rosenbaum –Smallville

Michael Rosenbaum by far my favorite incarnations of Lex Luthor in the CW’s hit series Smallville, in this series Lex and Clark were closer to the same age and while the series focused on a young Clark Kent, it also followed the development and journey of the other characters surrounding Clark including Lex during the show’s run we got to Lex’s development from a good young man to the dark evil sociopath. During the casting of Lex Luthor for the Man of Steel sequel Rosenbaum was my number one pick even though he existed as in a separate media universe meaning the Smallville series universe to the Man of Steel cinematic universe.




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