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Blog: Top 5 Villains I Want To See The New Flash Series!


On May 8th the CW officially green lighted the Flash series, It’s been a while since CW released the extended trailer for the pilot. In the trailer we see Flash (Grant Gustin) facing off with a on of his classic foes Weather Wizard and we also see what is obviously the Reverse-Flash now this made me start thinking about other rouges I’d like to see in future episodes. Granted most of the Flash’s rouges are silly in design but I think that if handled the right way we could see some really cool storylines. So here is my top 5 list of vill starting with…


5. Mirror Master

Mirror Master

He started off as a simple convict, but had the strange idea that he could figure out a way to enter the reflection of a mirror. He experimented for years and finally discovered a way. He used his new discovery to become the criminal Mirror Master. I think this would make for a cool visual a man running into a mirror, to me I imagine it like Monsters INC. where they walk through one way doors and disappear. Not only would it look cool but this would be a believable villain for speedster hero. Think about it Flash can be almost anywhere in seconds how could regular villains be a challenge for such a hero? Well if mirror master enters a mirror and comes out of a different mirror miles away, then it would end up Flash having to chase after him instead.

4. Trickster


A villain who commits crimes using dangerous gadgets designed after gags and jokes… he’s sorts of a “softcore” mix of the Joker and the Riddler. His most well known invention is a pair of shoes that allow him to walk on the air itself, making him one of the few villains able to run away from the Flash. The Trickster that I would most like to see portrayed in the series is the version seen on the Justice League Unlimited series “Flash and Substance” where the Flash faces off against different members of the rouges, the Trickster is voiced by Mark Hamill, who actually played the Trickster in the older live-action Flash series back in 1990.  Id want to see Flash interact with The Trickster as a victim where his unstable he isn’t evil he’s just crazy.


3. Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang

Not much to this one, Captain Boomerang is just a thug from Australia who uses several different high-tech boomerangs to commit crimes and fight the Flash. I actually can’t really think of a good way that would introduce him into the show aside from the fact that this dude is just skilled at throwing boomerangs… He is member of the Suicide Squid at different times, so he could be the link that would bring come kind of interaction between the Flash, Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squid.

2. Captain Cold

Captain Cold

Captain Cold is best known as the Mister Freeze rip off…but seriously he the leader the Rouges, which he takes VERY seriously which is why I like him. He’s the last criminal with honor and a code. He employs a no-drugs rule, docks pay for senseless violence, and will kill only on certain occasions, leading the Rogues in their ‘code of honor’ and refusing to kill women or children. I’d really like this version to be like the new 52, mainly only for the new look and that he is merged with his freeze gun.


Finally my number on Flash villain that I absolutely would LOVE to see!

1. Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is a hyper-intelligent telepathic gorilla with the power to control the minds of others. I KNOW this would seem silly in a live-action series but I believe that his character would be an amazing addition to the series. Grodd could be a secret test Gorilla that Star Labs was using to experiment on, then after the events, which lead to the birth of the Flash, Grodd could slowly gain his powers and begin planning his revenge on Star Labs. With his mind control abilities he could turn all of the Flash’s friends against him and also being a gorilla he is strong enough to make up for the lack of super speed. The Flash series is based in the Arrow universe and sadly that means a super intelligent, mind-controlling, Gorilla might be too much of a stretch

…But think about it Andy Serkis as Grodd…

Andy Serkis

Alright that those are my top 5 villains that I really want to see in the new Flash series odds are we will see one or two of them in season one alone but only time will tell The Flash premieres this fall on Tuesday nights at 8PM on The CW! If you agree with my list or even have a list of you’re own comment below!



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